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Our expertise in screen printing, embroidery, DTG, promotional product printing and heat pressing means we can take on just about any job!

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Our go-to embellishment method, screen printing has been around for 2,000 years. An image is separated into a series of single-color prints.  A mesh stencil is placed over the fabric, and one color of ink is pushed across the screen, allowing the ink to seep through onto the material in locations determined by the stencil.  Each color gets a new screen and the process is repeated. Due to the labor-intensive setup process, our minimum order is 24 pieces.



Embroidery is decorative stitching used to create a raised, ornamental design on a garment with different types and colors of thread. This method can sometimes be used in situations where screen printing won't work, like puffy jackets or baseball caps. Minimum quantity for embroidery is 12 pieces.



Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing uses inkjet technology to print a full color design from a computer right onto the garment, with high resolution and no halftone dot or image quality lost.  Since the process requires water based ink, DTG works best on white or light colored cotton garments. No setup means no minimums. We will even print just one shirt!



We offer a wide selection of over 600,000 customizable products through our extensive ASI network of industry suppliers. Pens, mugs, chargers and virtually any other item can be branded for company swag. With SCP Promotional Products, you're limited only by your own imagination!



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